Shadowed Threads

Shadowed Threads - Shannon Mayer Still loving it! In this part of the series, Rylee is to find and bring home Liam O'Shea... but because it's Rylee, nothing is ever early... first there's the Queen vampire sending someone to kill her, then comes the Druid, Deana, with a guardian Tiger who is bound to kill Rylee... and if that wasn't enough, out of nowhere, a dragon comes to kill her.... all this for a slim hope of rescuing O'shea... and to top it all, a revelation that causes Rylee grief... Everyone wants something from her.... but who will be there for her without asking for anything in return?

It's good to know that Rylee has her breaking point too....

Then now comes a prophesy and of course, Rylee is sitting in the middle of it.

I hate to say it, but Milly is really getting on my nerves.... I hope they'd be done with her already. Then Faris, I don't know why Rylee kept believing him, fed up of him too. Seems like while Rylee is making allies, her enemies are also growing in numbers. It's good at the same time, exhausting! Girl needs a break!

And Liam!!!! He is there where it counts the most. Love him. And Alex, well, he is still the heart of the series. Eve and Pamela are both learning and growing fast...

Again, non stop action, fast paced, thrilling, heart wrenching, funny and quite an adventure! ;)