Web of Lies

Web of Lies - Jennifer Estep 4.5 Action-packed STARS!

I love it when the book carries me away to a fantasy world full of mystery, suspense and action, sprinkled with intense emotions, I'm a goner for sure!

Gin retired? I doubt it. Trouble is her middle name! Gin, the fiery , kick-ass, sassy, spunky. smart, powerful and passionate assassin. And she's become more powerful too! I love her!

And I love her team, her family! Fin, her foster brother and now her handler, Jo-jo, the air elemental and healing dwarf (I wish she were my friend) and Jo-jo's sister Sophia, the cleaner. I really love their group dynamic.

Then there's supposedly Gin's "lust" interest, Detective Caine. In the first book, I had mix feelings with Detective Donovan Caine, with his admirable high moral but really a very confused and insensitive persona, so quick to paint Gin bad. He kept hurting Gin and I really wanna kick his ass! And Gin, I don't know why she tortures herself over him! He is just not worthy! She needs a man who will accept her for who she completely! Gin is not too smart when it comes to Caine though. But nope, no love lost between Caine and I, lol.

But now, enters another hottie who is also an elemental, Owen Grayson! Now, here's the man for Gin! Or he definitely gave me that impression. Now I wish to read more of them together!

“I don’t know what Detective Donovan Caine thinks or wants, but I consider him to be an enormous fool.”

“Why’s that?”

He stared at me. “Because he’s down there looking for Dawson, and I’m up here with you.”

In this book, Gin is supposedly retired, but then two punks decided to rob her barbecue joint, the Pork Pit, of all places, they picked the wrong one to mess with, but it doesn't help that the father of one of these punks just happens to be connected to Gin's biggest enemy, Mab Monroe, a powerful and untouchable fire elemental.

And if that wasn't enough, the incident was followed by a rapid gunfire at, again, her restaurant! But Gin later realized that the gunfire wasn't meant for her but for a Violet Fox, who came to the Pit to seek help, for her and her grandfather, against an evil coal mining tycoon who will stop at nothing to get their property.

Ergo, kick-ass assassin is back!!! ;)

A lot of intense thrilling scenes that had me squirming in my seat. And a revelation on Gin's tragic past, now she knows who was behind her mother and sister's murder... though I kinda figured who that would be from the first book. Still, this just confirms them.

It is funny, fast pace, intense, breathtaking and really addicting. Can't wait to read more!

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