Unbound - Georgia Bell 3.5 Stars!

The story line is very interesting.... it talks about immortals who'll eventually want to die and the only way they could is when they find their Mafte’ach (meaning "the key"), these are mortals who carry genetic material that allows them to die.

Then there is definitely character growth... 18 years old Rachel, our lead character, started off shy and scared (with an OCD symptom that she tries to overcome and seeks help with)... turned brave and spirited. Rachel has always felt that she's being watched and protected by, what she calls, her guardian angel. And this would be Eaden.

Eaden is a 1,500 years old immortal and is tired of living, until Rachel. Eaden is protective and sweet, a bit old fashion.... and is full of surprises as you'd get to know him more further along the story.

Their connection together is quite compelling and refreshing... I can feel their pull and how perfect they are for each other.

There are other characters in this book that I find interesting too... like Amerlyn, who supposedly is Merlin, the magician, and all the other witches introduced.

Now on the BUT side.... I do find the pacing slow. Though I love hearing about a characters background but when it sometimes felt like it goes on and on, I just loose my interest. Then on the peak of the story, I was sorta, kinda, expecting it... so it wasn't that surprising for me... but it is definitely interesting.

It ended with a very promising note. I would certainly want to know what is next for Rachel and Eaden, that is if their story continues.... specially with Rachel's new found gift.