Even In Darkness

Even In Darkness - Cyndi Tefft

Just a short spoiler-free review and sharing at least two of favourite quotes at the end...

Like the blurb says, I thought it was over too, that they finally have their happily ever after…. but the Hell Transporter is back, disguising herself as Lindsey and had sex with a drunk Aiden to get what she came for from the start, a child from Aiden. Thus, creating more trouble for Aiden and Lindsey.

In this series, their love and faith is again being tested. Specially Lindsey’s.

What I love about Ms. Tefft’s writing is that it’ll capture your attention from start to finish and warms your heart with such awe-inspiring, emotional, fast paced, and spiritual story with brilliant world building.

This is a story with substance... To mention a few : It shows as to what length Lindsey would go to save Aiden. In sickness and in health, till death us do part? It also proves how strong their faith in God… And that evil never wins specially when embraced with so much love and kindness...

A new villain, Aegan, is introduced… although I could not hate him though.

This is written in multi POV. And it ended with a surprise and a hint of, I’m guessing, more to come?!.

Here are at least two of my favourite quotes in this series :


I would rather die again with this man than live a thousand lives with another. – Lindsey

“You’re so much more than beautiful. Your spirit is joy, and fire, and strength. When I look at ye, I don’t just see your lovely body, your sparkling green eyes, and your wild, unruly hair.” He wrapped one curl around his finger and let it spring free. “When I look at ye, I see…home.” – Aiden