Jahleel (Loving All Wrong #1)

Jahleel (Loving All Wrong #1) - S. Ann Cole 4.5 Obsessive Stars!

I needed to take a moment after reading this book cause I was that emotionally transfixed.

This. Book. Is. About. OBSESSION

It is NOT a traditional romance.

It deviates from the norm.


This. Book. Is. About. OBSESSION

Saskia Day, rich, beautiful, talented and famous, she can have anything she wants except that one thing she really wants, Jahleel Kingston or JK. He became her obsession since the first time she got a glimpse of him, yes, with just a glimpse! While JK shrug her off like she is nothing.


It's like this for the most part, JK couldn’t be bothered by Saskia, while Saskia tries to reign in her obsession for sometime with the help of her career that kept her busy. But even that did not last. She moved from UK to the US to follow him and even changed her hair colour for him!

I really wanted to hate Saskia but despite her only weakness or insanity that is JK, she is really a strong, feisty and loving person. She takes care of her siblings, and is very protective specially with her brother. And they call her “Ma” which I thought was really sweet.

But when it comes to JK, all her brain goes out the window. A lot of times I wanna shake her till she wakes up!

The more so when she got close to JK…. This OBSESSION turned LOVE which turns to Obsessive Love…. an unrequited love that has completely gone wrong.

“If I let go of him, I’ll let go of life.”

I seriously hated JK for most part of this book, he knows how Saskia feels and it felt like he is playing with her emotions. But you can also sense there is something seriously wrong with JK. He is, as what you’d call, a “broken” person. He is so mysterious. What I didn’t know is that this book is a spinoff of Billionaire Brother’s series “I choose You” and since I have not read that book, I don’t know much about JK’s background. Just that he seems to have this strong issues with his parents and that he seems to be pining over his adopted sister Krissy. Then despite all his crazies, he does something that makes you love him too.

Then there’s Chad… he is everything that is perfect for Saskia… and he wants Saskia to choose him…

Did I not mention this book is emotionally frustrating? Not to mention all the sexual frustration too!


It drove me crazy really, yet I couldn’t put it down… except that time when Saskia listened to “Say Something” by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera, and I stopped reading to listen to the music and lyrics… then cried with her.

Intense, edgy and heart wrenching. This is the first book that I’ve read by S. Ann Cole, and definitely not the last!

Written under Saskia’s POV.

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