Between - Cyndi Tefft Between the blurb and the cover, well, I decided to check it out.. plus I was looking for a light read... and again, I'm really glad I did!

I would classify this as for older YA or as NA, cause even though it wasn't quite torrid, but yes, there are sex scenes, which I thought was sweet.

The protagonist, Lindsey, has this loveable character... she is sweet and passionate with a fun personality, and who just happens to fall in love with the grim ripper, Aiden.

Aiden, a grim ripper for 300 years, also has this sweet personality and is very conservative, given that he was born on the olden times... He is definitely hot and sexy, with a Scottish accent.... And Aiden, not long after meeting Lindsey, also fell in love with her.

So... they met, instant attraction and fell in love... I'm a romantic and there's a lot of that instant-love going around, so be it.


In the beginning, I was questioning where the story was going really... being that they are both just stuck in the "in between". But I did enjoy getting to know Aiden... cause then Aiden would show Lindsey his life's memory which takes us 300 years back... and Lindsey showed Aiden the present modern times. And I find Aiden's reaction to the modern times, amusing.

“Aye, for certain. But truthfully lass, I wouldn’t be surprised if you climbed the walls like a spider and hung from the ceiling like a bat, for all I’ve seen today. I cannot even describe what it’s like to go forward three hundred years in the future and to see how things have changed. I don’t understand it, but thank you for showing me your home.” - Aiden

Love it! Love him...

I also enjoyed reading Lindsey's background, her friends, her passion and family.

Then finally, there it was. That twist of the story that I know was coming but just didn't know which way it'll go?! So, now I'm intrigue!

I don't wanna say more cause then I would be telling the story. Just that it is a well written, and is captivating, romantic, sweet, and very promising start of a series that left me wondering what is next for Lindsey and Aiden?