Uncovering You 2: Submission

Uncovering You 2: Submission - Scarlett Edwards LIVE NOW!!!




Does she even have a choice?

I'm Shock!!! I'm in rage!!! And I'm crying!!!

Jeremy Stonehart makes my skin crawl right now! I wanna cut his balls off!!!

Poor Lilly.... abducted... and now... ugh, I don't wanna say it!

I never really expected to what length the story would go! And OMG, I'm flabbergasted! ! I couldn't even care less about Jeremy's psychobabble. Man, what an A-hole! I've read a lot of bastard lead characters and Stonehart comes to the top of my list.

That said.... despite everything that Lilly is going through, she still tries to keep her sanity! I can't even imagine how she's doing it! It's crazy!

A must read if you like dark, edgy and whole lot of angst and mystery.

This takes us a step more to Lilly's torture and a hint of the kind of person Stonehart is. My mind is still reeling with so many questions though. And I am so thirsty for more. It is torture waiting for the next book!

Thank you Ms. Scarlett Edwards for the privilege!!!