The King

The King - J.R. Ward 10+++++++ WRATH STARS

I'm glad the author finally made another book of Wrath and Beth!!! Love it, love it, love it!!! I want more! Their dedication to each other is amazing! It was hot, so romantic, funny, emotional and just enough edginess in the mix.

And reading about Wrath's dad, you can tell where Wrath takes after.

Oh yeah, it's finally Wrath's time to shine again! All hail the King! He is magnificent! And Beth was fabulous!

"Yes, he thought, to survive, one must not be alone.
And one must have a partner of worth."

Trez is such a vampwhore, I wish him his own HEA. And I'm glad to get to know IAm more too, he too needs a worthy partner. Then there's Layla and Xcor, I don't know how their story will proceed, but I'm glad Layla gave him a choice and he chose right. And Abalone, I'm interested about him and his daughter, well more so with his daughter, wonder if she'll be paired off with a brotherhood... wink wink. And I wonder who will give in between Assail and Sola.

Lassiter is so funny..... That ceremony had me laughing and crying at the same time.

There are so many characters now, new and old... But yeah, Wrath and Beth is still my number one favourite couple, the first and always... though I love all of them.