Lover at Last

Lover at Last - J.R. Ward My first mm! lol... It is hot but still just not my thing(the sex part I mean... the lovey dovey part I love).

I love Qhuinn, felt for him... his emotions were just all over and just a little bit too emotional for me but I get the reasons why. But the end result was perfect, loved that he finally belonged. Blay is perfect... they both deserve to be happy. Let's just say, it is a long time coming.

This Xcor needs to go, his a pain in the butt... And Layla's loving the enemy, not good... Then Sola, who has her? I don't know if I like Assail yet., he needs to pick a side. But I loving Iam and Trez... Wonder what Lucas future is going to be too...

I miss the brotherhood so this was a reunion for me... it's been forever since I last read the last one. It doesn't take long for me to pick up on everything though.

So many questions that needs answers... And oh they better not touch Wrath! He and Beth is still by my favourite couple.... though I love them all. ;)