Against All Odds

Against All Odds - Angie McKeon 5 Very Emotional Stars!!!!

I actually just picked up this book without knowing what it's about (or I might have but I have forgotten what it was about)... but I'm sooo glad I did!!! There is a hell of a lot of angst here that is so emotional that I.Could.Not.Breathe!

There’s nothing we can do.
This is the end of a shattered dream.
Our spirits are slowly dying, and I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to heal.

A lot of times while reading this, my mind was reeling and I felt conflicted and so heartbroken... that's how much it has affected me! The characters, Kylie and Cooper, they are so broken, I just kept thinking, how do you fix it? How do you you fix them? And will they be able to move on if they do?


Kylie, I wanted to hate her but at the same time I felt her pain, her guilt, her love for Cooper... but I certainly don't agree with her choices! It would be so easy to judge her if you can't feel her pain inside.


Cooper, Kylie's husband, in the beginning, I really didn't like him, I hated him, wanted him to man up! Then comes the other half of the book which is under Cooper's POV and then everything changed. I'm feeling his pain, his failure, his realization and his fight... And to think I was so ready to hate him! It's so easy to judge when we don't know how they felt inside. And though he is as much to blame, she is too.


And then there's Grayson, the best friend who is caught in the middle of it all... who fell in love with Kylie in the process. I love Grayson! He was the one who was always there for Kylie, her confidant, her saviour, her best friend and he is willing to wait and fight for her. He was perfect in all sense.

Then again, I could not dismiss Cooper! Truly if their love is so strong, enough to save each other, forgive, to fight, to move on and save their marriage, they should work on that, right? Who says love is perfect?

We need to have something to work for, or we have nothing. I love him, but this love hurts. It hurts in a way I would’ve never dreamed it could.

I love how the story moved forward and resolved... to hope and to fight for ones dreams and desires.

Uniquely different love story that is superbly written, with a lot of angst, that is heartbreaking and very inspirational. A definite must read.

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