Number Thirteen

Number Thirteen - Bella Jewel 3.5 Disturbing Stars!

This is me after I’ve read this…



It is one of those, I thought I had it figured out but there was more to it and I didn’t see that coming. If the blurb alone don’t get your attention, the epilogue certainly will… the whole book definitely got my attention though I may have cringed a lot throughout the story. Trying to figure out how I feel about it after and honestly, I still haven’t figured that out yet.


The characters alone are intriguing. I didn’t know what William was really trying to do at first, all I know was he was trying to help them and teach them rules and consequences, and maybe making himself feel better in the process. Realistically, I definitely don’t condone his ways in doing them…. I find it disturbing. Taking in consideration why William is the way he is, broken…. and though my heart goes out to him, still… there’s a huge “still” going on here… it was creepy and he needs help.

Number Thirteen, a.k.a. Emelyn… I thought she was the sanest one amongst all of them and that’s saying a lot. I do admire her fighting spirit. Her thoughts were the ones I find most interesting. So she was falling for her captor and sees him for who he is… but I don’t know, I’m just not so sure. I just couldn’t go there.

So, this is me on the ending…


I’d say the system failed these girls. You don’t just set them off and say “you’re free” and not give them any means of help to get them going right? I felt like they weren’t really given help and choices. Even the psychologist opinion, I’m like, really? Hmmm…. Would Reid have agreed? Hehe…


And I do feel the ending a bit rushed.

The story has me dumbfounded. It is a different read and I find it quite disturbing that I’d need time to process everything and knowing even then, I’d still think that well, it is what it is…. And it certainly made an impression enough that had me thinking even long after I’ve finished reading it…. so that is good!

Written on Number Thirteen and William’s POV.

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