Blood Trade

Blood Trade - Faith Hunter 4.5 Stars!

Catching up with some of my favourite paranormal kick-ass/bad-ass heroines.... Jane Yellowrock is definitely that and more! A shape shifter and a skinwalker who will fight if it'll be the last thing she'll do. She kills Big Bad Uglies or BBVs—Big Bad Vamps and works as part time enforcer to Leo Pellissier, the MOC, Master of the City of New Orleans and the entire Southeast USA.

The series deals with vampire politics with Leo often putting Jane in the front line to deal with them. But Jane is one who doesn't back down and lives for danger. I absolutely love her!

Not much going with her love-life which is frustrating. With Leo and Bruiser here fighting for her but still nothing, na-da! Ugh! She should listen to Beast sometimes.. since Beast wants to mate with basically Leo, Bruiser, and Rick, lol.

In this series, Jane is dealing with rogue vampires and they are super vamp, they regenerate and are hard to kill. To top it all, she has to help and protect a desperately ill child that is left in her care.

I love all the action and suspense... I love it when she starts packing weapons on her, I couldn't imagine how she could have all of them in her body and still be agile and comfy... I couldn't care reading about her weapons over and over... but I guess it just shows to prove how much she loves her toys! I also love that now she found a partner and family with Eli and his brother Alex a.k.a. Kid. I love how Eli embraced her as his team, his pack! Just loved it!