Knox's Stand

Knox's Stand - Jamie Begley 3.5 STARS!

I love Jamie Begley's biker books! Having read the 2 previous book of this series... knowing how the women becomes a member of the biker group, It shouldn't shock the begiebie out of me anymore right? Nope, still does! Plus, that menage de trois/ smorgasbord orgy party they look forward to every Friday?!

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But the author knows how to somehow make it work in the story.... that even the innocent of all innocent are easily converted! (Can't wait to read Lily's story.)

Anyway, Knox!!!! I've grown to like Knox from the previous books. Besides that he has huge c*ck cause he is a big man blah blah, lol... his story was just okay for me. He doesn't do love cause obviously there's a history there that you'll know along the way. Anyway, the story starts off with him being framed for murder and he had no choice but be represented by Diamond, whom Knox thinks is a "stone-faced bitch".

Now Diamond, well, I kinda admired her character at the start... she does come out as this stuck-up bitch but inside she's pretty cool... though mentally and emotional scarred.... and hating the biker lifestyle.. she hated the fact that they treat sex casually... seeing it first hand on her own father who once was the president of his own biker group.

This story has the same thing going as the first two of the series, murder mystery, suspense, love-hate romance and hot sex scenes.... I didn't find the story different or it didn't stand out... though it is still quite an entertaining read with Pastor Dean acting like the bikers cupid.... And if you have read the first 2 of the series, there is a mystery there that is solved in this book. So you have to read this... and a snippet of Lily and Shade, that I am so looking forward to!!!!

And guess how Diamond got her club membership? Read and find out...


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