Night Broken

Night Broken - Patricia Briggs 5 I LOVE MERCY STARS!

There's just something with the way the author writes Mercy's character that makes me just LOVE her! She doesn't whine and is definitely NOT the damsel in distress type of girl... if only all heroine's are like her. She kicks-ass, full of heart, loyal, considerate and she thinks before she reacts. Plus, I love that she kinda sorta lives for danger.


So, Adam's ex, Christy, is back and is playing her "Oh I'm beautiful...and I'm the perfect stepford wife... boohoo poor me, It's not my fault... " manipulating card!


Gah, stupid bitch need to die!


But our Mercy has more class than to stoop down her level... And just when the bitch thinks she's won... Mercy puts her back in her place! She protects those that is hers, and she's not gonna let anyone hurt them!!! Take that bitch!!!!


And Adam, you really need to put your ex in her place more!

But Christy brought trouble, the ex boyfriend she's running away from is not really human BUT a creature that is killing people in trying to get Christy back! Mercy solution to this problem? Give Christy to the creature!!! Haha!!!! Of course she's kidding (NOT!).


It is, as always, action-packed and suspenseful.... that had my heart pounding and rooting for Mercy.

In this series, you will meet Gary Laughingdog, Mercy's half brother from Coyote. Who seems to be interested in Honey. Honey, btw, surprised me too in this series.

I also loved that Stefan and Samuel made their appearances here too, though not much... but still...

I loved every page, every moment of the book. It is one of those that I really don't want to end! Though I quite agree with some who finds it ended so fast, there's just soooo many things running through my mind, like Tad for example.... And to wait for another year for the next book, well, that's just torture...



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