The Swan & the Jackal

The Swan & the Jackal - J.A. Redmerski 5 GUT-WRENCHING STARS!

Seraphina, Fredrik’s ex-wife, lover and partner in crime for 2 years has betrayed him and played him for a fool… She is a psychotic, sadistic, cold blooded killer that kills and tortures even the innocent. She reminds me of a rabid dog that needs to be put down.

Fredrik, his past… his love life…. just heartbreaking! Though he is a vicious and sadistic killer himself, he only tortures and kills the guilty ones.

I only feel this pain when the victim is innocent…


His love for Seraphina, beyond!


But don’t get the teaser wrong, this is NOT a love story….NOT N.A., NOT even erotica…. but a but a psychological thriller and suspense, that had me at the edge of my seat. It is dark and gut-wrenching.

In Fredrik’s quest to find Seraphina, he found Cassia instead, his key to drawing Seraphina out and to get more information about Seraphina. But Cassia is innocent, sweet, could not hurt a fly even if her life depended on it person… BUT is also suffering from amnesia…. To top it all, she is in love with Fredrik. My heart reach out for Cassia’s cry for help deep inside…..

While the rest of the cast of In The Company of Killers that we’ve grown to love are back… with the new growing organization lead by Victor.

A window to Fredrik and Seraphina story…..

What I love most about this book is that surprising twist that I never saw coming…. all throughout, something was bugging me and when it was revealed, I was stumped… I felt conflicted, lost, helpless and heartbroken.

I’d wish for a better ending, but then again, it wouldn’t be as perfect as it was.

AMAZINGLY written on multi POV.


If you are one of those that likes to skip to the end… don’t… it’s worth every page.