Until You're Mine

Until You're Mine - K. Langston 4 HOT STARS!


We got to know a little bit about Archer on the first book "Because You Are Mine". He is Holden's cousin who got this hard exterior around him... Now, I'm glad to finally put a story behind all that Archer hotness!

If I were to rate this book for hotness alone, I'll give it a 10!!!! You can feel right away the attraction between Katy and Archer and it is steamy hot! And if you are into possessive and controlling alphas, then this book is definitely for you.

Archer has been burned before, making it hard for him to trust anyone with his heart... But his attraction to Katy is undeniable... and fight as he might not to let Katy in, she keeps knocking down this wall he built around his heart. But boy was he stubborn! I wanna hug him and then hit him in the head at the same time.

Katy is not one of those whiny female that I care not... she has this sweet and lively personality that you'll easily like. She also has this rebellious streak in her being brought up by a father who is a preacher, and who constantly reminds her about morals and scripture. And much as she loves Archer, she wants all of him, she wants to own him as much as he owns her.

It didn't take me long to finish the book, it completely had me at "MINE"... It is a little edgy, definitely romantic, and sexually hot and sexy.

And it's written on dual POV.

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