Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning 3.5 Stars!!!

I find the story quite interesting.... enough to pique my curiosity on the mystery surrounding Alina's murder, and a whole new world full of evil Fae's, vampires and other monster lurking in the dark.


The story is kinda low pace for me... with Mac (MacKayla Lane) taking off to Ireland to search for answers about her sister's murder. And there her world changed.... from just worrying about her work, her car, saving for college... to trying to stay alive while looking for the person responsible for her sister's death, to learning about and fighting Fae's and other monster, and to know more about a power she never knew she had... With the help of Jericho Barrens.

Jericho is quite mysterious, to the end I still don't know what he is. I neither like or hate him... He doesn't show emotion, except when his irritated by Mac. I wouldn't know if he is really helping Mac or using her or both... but then again, for Mac, he is the only one she's got to help her survive and find her answers.

I am liking Mac... seeing and discovering things through her eyes is funny. Though her action sometimes make me cringe cause she doesn't seem to listen to warnings. I did like the part when she started to kick ass... and I find it real funny when Vlane is around and she goes and strips without knowing.

Though I've read other Fae paranormal books, this one is different.... there are so many names or terms used and it could get confusing (for me sometimes) but if needed there's a glossary for reference... in case you missed something.

There was only one action scene and it's near the end. As for romance, well, there's none. Mac and Jericho doesn't seem to like each other... but Mac does shiver when Jericho touches her and then Jericho ones or twice, gave her this lustful look... and that's about it.


Written only on Mac's POV.