White Hot Kiss

White Hot Kiss - Jennifer L. Armentrout 5++++ STARS!

Team Roth all the way!!!! Yes this is YA but is such a refreshing read and superbly written!!! I highly recommend!

Layla's character is just perfect... a typical teenager... innocent, sweet, caring, loving, stubborn and insecure.... except that she's not a normal teen, she's half demon half gargoyle, how cool is that?! Well it would have been if there weren't all sort of demons after you.... And you are crushing on your longtime childhood friend who can never be more than that... Then meet this "sinfully hot and tattooed" demon and you are raised to believe that all demons are bad... but this particular demon just happens to keep saving her life and showed her a different viewpoint on what she was taught to believe and helped her accept who she is! Crazy right?


So, even if there was that love triangle vibe going, but for moi, it was no contest... Roth tops all!!!! lol.... Though I love Zayne, I love that he is very protective of Layla and I know he loves her... but meh, he had his time... I'm not feeling them as much as Layla and Roth teaming together! Now that's hot! Hot and frustrating in a sweet kinda way....

I can't begin to describe how I enjoyed this read and how I love all three lead characters! Everything and everyone is written to perfection!

I love the mystery that surrounds the story... the surprises.... the emotions, the humours, and those magical scenes on full-on action and suspense. The suspense and action gives you a little bit of Indiana Jones and I, Frankenstein movie put together in this time and age.



This had me laughing, crying, screaming, holding my breath, cheering.... and sighing!

And no, it is not a cliffy, but just the beginning. Though ending left me hopeful. And I really want the next book ASAP.