Blood Shadows

Blood Shadows - Lindsay J. Pryor 4 Intriguing Stars!

Caitlin, a shadow reader, who’s character is stubborn as hell! You can’t blame the girl from not knowing who to believe, specially when the truth hurts. But I love the fight she’s got in her! Yet so lonely, it’s sad. Her POV is both amusing and endearing.

Kane, the hot and sexy master vampire whom Caitlin’s been stalking/chasing after. The more I read his POV, the more I love him.

What I like most about this book is how, in a way, unpredictable the characters are… both driven by their own need for vengeance! Plus, the mind games they played against each other. Loved it!


The plot at play : betrayal, torn trust and loyalties, the all consuming need for vengeance and a prophesy that has yet to unravel.

Loved the ending though I wanted more… there’s so many questions still burning in my head. And though I heard it’s not the end of Caitlin and Kane, the 2nd book is not about them. I don’t know how to feel about that yet…

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