Escaping Destiny

Escaping Destiny - Amelia Hutchins The story picks up where it ended in the 2nd book where she was being gifted to the Horde King! And it seems she really had no choice but to go with him... plus she could not risk Ryder getting killed. But just when you thought her faith is sealed... comes a revelation!!!! The surprises just keeps getting better and better!!!!


My new favourite couple's saga continues in this 3rd chronicle.... their fight to save the Fae's continues... while Syn fights for what she wants. Ryder's secrets are revealed and Syn, finally comes in full power!!!


I loved it!!!! Ryder is fabulous! Then there's Ristan, I love him more and more! He makes me laugh!

I knew the ending would leave me hanging! But that's okay.. I kinda got use to it by now... I just want the next book like yesterday!

Another one full of surprises, lots of action, suspense and the romance.... And just like the other ones before, this book is HOT!!!! Looking forward for more on the 4th book.