Taunting Destiny

Taunting Destiny - Amelia Hutchins 4.5 Stars!

Synthia and Ryder’s story continues in another hot, action packed, heart wrenching and thrilling sequel.

In this book Synthia and Adam has transitioned from who and what they really are. Secrets are revealed… what was lost is found… alliances turned enemies… and sacrifices are made. While Ryder is still looking for the cure to heal the fairy land and stop the Fae’s from dying.

My heart bleeds!!!! It bleeds for Syn and Ryder!!!


Syn just couldn’t get a break… from a bad situation to an ever worst one. I wanted to cry and scream with her while her heart was breaking!!!!

I loved it! Though I did find Syn’s character a bit too whiny to start with…. I blame it to maybe her hormones, as she was Transitioning.. Like she can’t seem to accept that she is Fae… then some of her argument comes out a bit tedious. But then again, I love that she is finally accepting how she really feels for Ryder.

Ryder is still overbearing and possessive as ever, but you'd only love him more here... It's frustrating why they won't say the "L" word already!!!!

And I’m really starting to love Ristan too!

Though I find this isn’t as action packed as the first book, it still left me at the edge of my seat. It was intense, heartbreaking and again, full of surprises!

It ended in a huge cliff-hanger. Lucky, third book is out! So I won’t be banging my head yet!!!! Guess what my next read would be?! Hope it won’t be a cliffy like this first two though..