Fighting Destiny

Fighting Destiny - Amelia Hutchins Synthia a.k.a. Syn works as enforcer and assassins for the Guild, an organization of Witches that kept Otherworld creatures on the right track. To cut the story short, after her strange assignment, she ended up working for/with the Prince of the Dark Fae, Ryder... someone has been killing off Fae and Witches and Syn and her team are determined to find and stop that person. Just one problem, Syn hates Fae's... and though she hates Ryder, she is inexplicably attracted to him.

Synthia's character really kicks ass! She is sassy, arrogant and stubborn... she is loyal and protective. I love her! Though she could be sometimes annoying, but not too much.

Ryder is arrogant, overbearing and possessive... and mysterious.... I love him too!!! And oh boy is he hot! His POV's are really hot!!!


This book is INTENSE!

It started off on full on action, then it went on about sex.... Cause Fae's feed on emotions and preferably, sex! And Ryder is determined to f*ck Syn to oblivion. There is a lot of that "I ache!" going on here with Syn! I thought it was gonna be one of those, you know, forget the plot, concentrate on the sex.... But NO... I couldn't be more wrong! It is a full on fast pace action, suspense, funny, and full of surprises. Not to mention it's heart wrenching, it had me crying!

Don't forget, this book is really HOT!!!



Some of the scenes that I really enjoyed with was the one with Syn at the cemetery where she dances with the dead and do the yoda talk, that was funny... Then of course there's "the hunt!" That was hot! And lot lot more to mention! Definitely loved it!!!!

Written on both Syn and Ryder's POV.

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