I Am Forever

I Am Forever - Wynne Channing Another 5 Amazing Stars!!!!

Zee's adventure continues in this another action pack novel!

This time she is placed into the position as supreme vampire, hailing her as the "divine" and is caught in the crossfire of battle between the monarchy and the rebels. And it doesn't help that Lucas, the only person she trust most, is keeping distance from her, alienating her when she needed him most. While the enemies know how to get her, by hurting those whom she loves most!

I very much loved this as much as the first one!!!


Zee, still as bubbly, as funny, as gentle, as innocent, but also so in love! She is confused enough about how Lucas really feels for her, and it doesn't help that he is alienating her. And then there's her new position as vampire supreme, being the "divine".... plus, she is torn between the rebels and the monarchy. Now that's a lot to take for a new vamp and for a 17 years old! Not to mention, her powers are growing, and she misses her family. But Zee doesn't disappoint!!! She is awesome! She kicks ass! Did not change but she is even smarter than before, though still quite trusting.... and she will do everything to protect the people she loves!!!

Now Lucas, he did start off really moody. Though I understand how he felt, he was suffocating inside. And in his heart, he only wishes for Zee to be happy. He too did not disappoint!!! He is there where it counts the most! And he loves Zee!!!

New characters are introduced. San, her hot chaperone, Brogan, her lady maid, and more... but, amongst all, I love San the most!

Again, this book is full of action, suspense, it is edgy and heart wrenching, and of course, there is romance.


Highly recommend. I too now am in love with this author, Wynn Channing. Hope she is inspired to write more books as awesome as this! Written on Zee's POV.

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