What Kills Me

What Kills Me - Wynne Channing Axelia a.k.a. Zee, 17 years old, from Winnipeg, Canada, is vacationing in Rome…. On the week that she’s there, to cut the story short, running from a date who wants to kill her, she fell into this sacred well filled with vampire blood and emerges as vampire! Which to the vampire world is an abomination, except for a prophesy of a girl falling into the well who will rise as vampire and will restore order by killing the entire vampire race. Now, on the run from the vampire queen’s soldiers and mercenaries, fighting to survive with the help of a reluctant ally, Lucas, a vampire bladesmith.


Zee has this very bubbly personality, funny, innocent, shy, very friendly and just adorable. You will love her, well, I did! Not to mention she loves gelato, just like me!!!! lol.


While Lucas is the exact opposite, he is the silent type, doesn’t smile, not so friendly. To start with he was quite rude, but it is just part of his protective personality that you will love. Plus, he is loyal and protects Zee with his life! So in another word, he is perfect, six feet tall, muscle, stunning green eyes and with that italian accent, sexy!!!!


The story is really quite interesting. Full of surprises! Even to the end. A fun read. A Paranormal lovers must!!!! The writing is superb! A full on action, suspense, funny, and a hint of romance. Written on Zee’s POV.

And it's FREE right now in Kobo and Amazon... ;)

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