Angels in Leather

Angels in Leather - Bella Jewel 3.5 Stars!!!

I'm a huge fan of Bella Jewel's MC Knights series, I love them.... but this one didn't do it as much for me.

It has all the elements that I want a biker romance book should have, there's action, suspense, the hot factor and the bad ass alpha male. The story is edgy and dark, which I really enjoyed.

Meadow is on the run from Axel, he wants something that she has. Meadow loves Axel, he has always been there for her... until that day when she lost everything and all she has is the promise to her father to run and deliver a package.

I love the fight on Meadow's character, she sure gave it everything she's got! And she never gave up on Axel, she didn't go run and cry in a corner, no, she made her stand and fought for him.


And I love Axel's broken and really twisted character....

That said, there are parts in the story or on the characters that I just couldn't connect... I wish there was more on Axel's story... I feel like the story just skipped to the end... I didn't even realize that that was it, the end!


All in all, the dark and twisted part of the story did shock me... Written on Meadow and Axel's POV.

ARC kindly provided to Slitsread in exchange for an honest review!!!!


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