The Things We Can't Change Part One: The Prologue

The Things We Can't Change Part One: The Prologue - Kassandra Kush 5 Most Shocking and Disturbing Stars!

This is me after finishing this first part of the series ..


I want to specify that when I say disturbing and shocking, I mean it in a non-graphic violent way, but more on the event happening in general.

This definitely left a bitter taste in my mouth.... like, I can't believe just how stupid.... ugh!!! I am shock... devastated.


But this could really happen, so we're talking a close to reality story.... the abuse, the consequences, those elite snobs that thinks they are way better than everyone else and they can't do anything wrong, ugh....

I just really could not understand the why's... I wished Evie, the lead female character, listened to Zeke, the lead male character. I am so confused and frustrated right now.


My heart breaks for Zeke, look what doing the right thing would get you! Not the right kind of message we want to put out, but it is happening....sigh...

This is one of those that I can't say anything about the plot cause then it might just lead to a complete spoiler.

I hesitate to read what happens next, not because I find the story bad, the contrary, it is most brilliantly written and a quite stirring storyline... but because it kinda scares me to know so what's next? I really don't want to hate Evie... and I am feeling so bad for Zeke. While, at the same time, I badly wanna know what's next for Evie and Zeke.

And may I just add, what a most apt title.... "the things we can't change"... true enough...

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