Chosen Darkness (Chosen Series)

Chosen Darkness (Chosen Series) - Fawn Atondo To start with, it had my full attention...

Then in the middle part of the story, I'm getting all confused, lost, and my interest? Also getting lost....

But luckily I am able to read it all the way to the end! But with feigning interest.

As the lead character got colder and confusing along the way, same goes as to how I felt reading this. Maybe it is the intention as far as character goes, but if I'm feeling detached to the lead character that runs the story, I don't know where to go from there.

I will not do a full review cause it might just be me.... and I might need to read again the middle part of the story where I am all confused as to "WTH just happened there" scenes, but I won't, read them again I mean, cause I just don't have the time for that..

Add to that is a hanging ending... so, it was a hell of a party for me, lol.

It has a very interesting storyline.... so again, it might just be me.... cause I really am not so sure of this (start of a series?) for now. ;)