The Devil in Me

The Devil in Me - K.I. Lynn I enjoyed Ms. K.I. Lynn's Breach series and was looking forward to reading this one, and a bonus that it's under a male POV, for a change. The blurb and cover is hot, BUT sad to say, that's about it. :(

The story started off like this: Jared woke up and rushed to church to pray for strength and guidance and for his mom's health and saw this lady that gave him a hard on, like yeah, his mom could be dying and his problem was his dick or boner. He goes to the church's washroom and jerk himself off... Was that supposedly hot? I sure hope men don't react that way... that's just a "no no" for me. Then, every time he sees her, he gets a huge hard on that everyone can see, like WTH! His friends, his sister!!!! If the story's aim was to shock me and not in a good way, you got me, lol. The characters felt off.... everything felt off or forced.... It is a short read and it bored me to death.... I kept rolling my eyes and hoping for the story to end... Ugh...

So.... this is the part where I'll say, I guess this book is not for me.