Uncovering You 3: Resistance (Uncovering You, #3)

Uncovering You 3: Resistance (Uncovering You, #3) - Scarlett Edwards Review and Purchase links are posted here :


Here's the thing about mini series, I want every page to count! Then there's this thing I always fear, for the characters to suddenly change. But guess what? This DID NOT disappoint!!!!

My first reaction after reading, I wanna cut Jeremy's balls off!!!


My God, this guy is sick! What a sadistic asshole! And I loved it! Cause I didn't want him to suddenly go soft....

And Lily... I so don't want her falling for him. Pourquoi? Nothing about Jeremy is loveable... and I know Lily knows better than that.

Though there was a moment that I thought it was heading that way.... This is such a mind fuck! Well done Ms. Edwards....


I still don't know what Jeremy's motive are or maybe there's none and he is just a perv! Still, it would be nicer if some of the mysteries would unravel a bit soon.... like maybe on the next book? Here's hoping.

That said... there's a reason why I'm not so fond of mini series, I hate the wait for the next book! It's torture!