Raksha - Frankie Rose 5 Stunning Stars!!!

I say "wow". I never thought I'd be completely mesmerized with this book, but I was! From start to end. Brilliantly written with great world building in a dystopian setting and fascinating storyline. If you like the Hunger Games, you might just like this one too!

She has no name.

She has her knives; her training; her halo.

Being a Falin, she is trained from a young age to become a fighter, to fight in the Colosseum. She also wears a "Halo" around her neck, it releases toxin that controls their emotions, that stops them from feeling. And that is how it should be in the "Sanctuary" ... That is until she killed her best friend and partner in a match and her halo was shifted....


Escaping from the Sanctuary, she found Ryka or rather Ryka found her and introduced her to Freetown. So while Kit (a name her best friend gave her) is still learning and dealing on all sorts of emotions she never experienced, she is also overwhelmed by this world outside the one she's always known. And though Freetown is different from the Sanctuary, one thing remains the same, the matches!

I don't want to say more so as not to spoil the story, but did I say it is well written? Cause it is!!!! And I can't believe I got it FREE on Amazon.

I always love a woman protagonist that kicks ass! And an alpha male who also kicks ass and have his woman's back. Two wonderful, well develop characters that you'll easily like and love. Ryka is just perfect!

There is lots of action, the fights are pretty detailed so be prepared... it is edgy... with just the right amount of angst... there is romance... heartwarming.... and a there's that little twist of surprise.... Overall, just captivating.

Just a quick mention on other characters... There is James.... James is power hungry, he is the bad guy... Though he still remains a mystery to me, so jury is not out yet as to what his real motives really are. Then there's Olivia, Ryka's sister. She is stubborn, but she goes for what she believes. The priestess, whom I hate! And a lot more very interesting characters in the mix.

And it ended in not so much as a cliffhanger but the story is left to be continued for the second sequel.

Here is just one of the many scenes that I like :

My face breaks the surface of the water and I drag in a frantic gasp of air that makes both my head and my lungs explode. Fear pulses through me for a second when I open my eyes and it’s still dark. I’m neck deep in water. We’re in the tunnel?

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Ryka says. “I’m right here. I’ve got you.” With his arm locked around my ribcage, pressing me to him, he really does have a firm grip on me. “We’re halfway, okay? Just take a breath. Get some air into your lungs.”

I can’t, though. It feels like I’m trapped in a vice and my chest can’t expand. “Take…take me back―” I splutter.

“It’s okay, just relax. I have you. I’m not letting you go.”

“No.” I shake my head. “I can’t. Just take me back. We’ll find another way around.”

“We don’t have time, Kit. Please, just calm down.”

I start struggling against him, gripped by sheer animal instincts, and his hold tightens. “Kit! Don’t make me knock you out. Just trust me!”

My arms and legs go still. It takes everything I have but I force my body to relax. “I do trust you. I just―I can’t breathe.”

I feel his lips against my forehead and even though I can’t see him, the contact steels my nerves.

“This will be over in less than a minute,” he says quietly. “We’ve got to go back under so we can get out. Are you ready?”

The current pulling at my legs feels impossibly strong, but I nod. “Okay. Okay, I can do it.”

“Good girl.”

Stunning!!!! Two thumbs up!!!!

The story is written under Kit's POV.


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