Coming Home

Coming Home - Priscilla Glenn 4 Heart-Wrenching Stars!

I do believe in faith, and I believe faith brought these two beautiful yet lonely individuals together, Leah Marino and Danny DeLuca.

Lea’s character is sweet, quick-witted, responsible and considerate. While Danny is funny, selfless, honest and kind. Two compassionate people that you can’t help falling in love with.

To make a long story short, Lea met Danny when she went to do her yearly drive-by to her childhood home… both felt that instant connection and attraction… and while Lea slowly opens herself up to Danny, Danny has reservations…. he is afraid that once Lea finds out about his secret, she will walk away from him.

But loving someone sometimes is not easy…. would you bail when it gets too hard? Or would you stay?

“Because when you love someone, you don’t bail when it gets hard. That’s when you stay the most.”

How would you help ease their suffering?


This story is about life’s obstacle and making choices… While I can’t tell you what Danny secret is, I was totally second guessing and I couldn’t be more wrong.

While it does go on a slow pace, I got to know and love the main characters. And somewhere along the way, the pace started picking up, and it went on full-on intense raw emotions… that was just heartbreaking…. it completely sucked the air out of me and then slowly lets me breathe again. I was crying my eyes out.

Then there are the fun, light and sweet moments that had me smiling too… between Leah and Danny and the rest of the other characters.

And though I wanted more, I loved how the story ended.

The only thing I question though was, what happened to Lea’s crazy ex? He seemed to have just dropped off the story after all his crazies. Hmm!

Beautifully written….. under dual POV.