Inferno - Adriana Noir 5 Brilliant Explosive Perfect Stars!!!

This series is BRILLIANT! The ending was EXPLOSIVE! My heart was pounding so hard!!! It was that good it gave me that book high after reading! And with the most PERFECT ending! Love it!!!

To think I had to wait for Amazon to release Sebby! But it was well worth the wait!

This has been one of my most awaited series since it got me obsessed with Sebby from the beginning of the series.

He is Sebby when he is all good and sweet and hot and heated.... and Sebastian when he is deadly, intense, rigid, controlling and unpredictable.... or in other words, scary! There is nothing soft when it comes to Sebastian! ;) And I love him just the way he is. He was built that way and I wouldn't want to change anything!

So when Sebby goes all weepy and trembling, when all that desperation sets in, I really couldn't care less!!! That is not my Sebby!!! But I'm willing to let that go. ;) I thought it unnecessary.... cause he always has that intensity, the passion and compassion that he kept hidden...


Taylor's character has come a long way! She is though still scared (like I would be), she is also stronger. I love her complete devotion and loyalty to Sebby and I love the fight she's got in her.

What a beautiful ride this was!!!! I thank you Ms. Noir for keeping me on my toes, for never knowing where the story was heading... and for the unpredictable Sebby that I will miss! Well, now that I thought of him, now I just want more.

This book is intense; there is always that never ending threat in the air!!! It's violent, edgy, angsty, shocking and yet romantic, hot and passionate! And how about that surprising turn in the end? Certainly did not expect that!!!!

And there are a whole lot of other interesting characters that you'd either love to hate or love... I most specially love to hate the most evilest villain, Marx!!!

I am grateful for Silvana for BR this with me!!!! Thank you for wickedly telling me to go ahead and panic and eat more chocolate while I kept waiting for my Amazon to release Sebby... then thank you for giving me a heads up when the book became live finally cause then I committed the Sebby crime of forgetting! The horror! And, thank you for all our rantings! Loved it, love you!!! ;)