Behold the Stars (Signal Bend Series)

Behold the Stars (Signal Bend Series) - Susan Fanetti 4.5 INTENSE Stars

I have started reading the first book a while back but I don't know why I stopped... I'm glad my friend, Silvana, called my attention to this again.... what with all the hype she's heard about it..... :)

In the first part of the series we were introduced to Lilli, who was wrongfully accused and dismissed from the army.... and then there's the Night Horde biker club with Isaac, the biker pres. We also got to know the small town called Signal Bend, Missouri.

Isaac and Lilli met, attracted and f*cked (hard)., A Lot! Then comes love. But Lilli came to Signal Bend for a purpose and she won't stop till she accomplished what she came for.

Both characters are tough and It's not often you get to read a book where the woman sounds more kick ass than the men. And Lilli certainly is stubborn, sassy and bad-ass. I really like her, though sometimes I find her character too much.... While Isaac seems to have this soft spot when it comes to Lilli. I love Isaac, I think he is hot and all that.. but I would have preferred him to be a lot more tougher, and I'm not saying he isn't... I just like me a bad biker... ;) But he definitely knows how to treat his woman right...

Lilli's problem has been taken cared off in book one, their story continues in this second part of the series. This time Isaac is dealing with a very powerful enemy who wants to take over Signal Bend and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And Isaac has to do everything to protect his club and their family, the townspeople, and of course Lilli.

While I can say that with this second book, it solidifies Isaac and Lilli's relationship, they also went through a really rough stage, dealing with a lot of personality conflict and personal issues. But they compliment each other, makes them the perfect couple.

There is definitely a lot of action, and is pretty violent, and whole lot of suspense! It was shocking, emotional and intense. I loved it! Though I was kinda thinking, poor Lilli, it is always her. Lucky she is strong and she got Isaac.

You will also get to know more and love the other members of the club... My heart goes out to Show, the clubs VP, and I can't wait to read his part of the story, cause I get the feeling there will be one or there is already, I'm way behind in this series, hehe. And I'm also beginning to love the townspeople of Signal Bend too...

Written under dual POV.

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