Hell Transporter (Volume 2)

Hell Transporter (Volume 2) - Cyndi Tefft 5++ Holy Scotsman Hotness Star!

There's just something about Aiden that is refreshing, sexy and hot!

The story continues where it left on the first part of the series and this time Aiden is given a second chance and is now in the real world with Lindsey. But boy, has he got a lot to learn in order to fit and blend. And while Lindsey worries, like I did, Aiden was able to calm Lindsey (and me), that everything is going to be okay. Cause he believes. To trust in... Faith.Hope.Love.


If I loved Aiden before, I love him a whole bunch more here! He is smart, proud, loving, protective, and just, AMAZING.

And I could not have picked a better partner for him with Lindsey. She is sweet and kind and totally got his back... though she would worry (I would too) because she wants to protect Aiden, still, she believes and supports him all the way. It also helps that they can still communicate with each other mentally. Plus, I have to admire a woman who isn't shy to let her husband know how much she wants him! ;)

But what is a story without a little more twist right? Enters the Hell Transporter who wants Aiden. And Lindsey would rather die than lose Aiden again. Atta girl!

I loved it! It made me laugh, specially Aiden's reaction to the modern world; and don't even get me started on what he thought a box of Trojan condoms was. ;)

New characters are introduced... And I love the relationship that Lindsey have with her parents. I also learned a little something about the Scottish culture, which I thought was pretty cool!!!!

This book proves/solidifies the love between Lindsey and Aiden and it was beautiful and humbling to read!

It is brilliantly written, it's captivating and it touches your heart.. so romantic and uplifting.

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