Love, in English

Love, in English - Karina Halle 4.5 Intense Stars!

Love is sometimes so unfair and cruel…

Vera has this likeable character… she is a levelheaded and carefree person….

Wild hair.

Wild heart.

Tattoos and piercings.

I love food too much.

I love sex too much.

And she is in Spain for a month for a language program (to help Spaniards with their conversational English and stay in Spain for free!).

There she met Mateo, she felt that instant pull, that attraction… but then she notices the wedding band he is wearing. He is married and breaking up a family is not something Vera will ever want to do, she will never be “the other woman”. But how do you tell your heart to stop feeling?

“The heart has no regard for what’s right or what’s wrong.”

She tried so hard not to cross that line. But Mateo is certainly not making it easy on her. He is intense, hot, sexy and wants to take “siesta’s” with her. The more time they spend together, the harder they fall….. And when they can’t deny or hide those feelings anymore?

“Love is like a thief, it robs you of all thought and logic, and all you have left is a heart that you can only pray is strong enough to survive the rest.”

This story made me feel so much emotions… it was crazy!!!! I am not into cheating. But you have to read their story before you judge them. I feel for Vera and all that she’s feeling….

Scared… Jealous… Angry… Guilty… Sad… Longing… Love!


You will fall in love with Mateo and Vera, feel the intensity of their connection… the complexity of their situation… and the consequences… Add in that Spanish background and culture… you got yourself one really romantic and hot novel!

I have to say there were moments that I wanted to kick Mateo's ass... but... sigh, I still love him! And Vera's in or out emotions gets to be irritating, but hey, she's 23 and had no real relationship experience.

The ending though felt rushed, though we know theirs is gonna be not an easy start.

If you want that intense, full of angst, knotty feelings, I definitely highly recommend.

Beautifully written, under a single POV.