Severed Angel: 1 (Severed MC)

Severed Angel: 1 (Severed MC) - K. T. Fisher 2.5-3 Stars

I had high hopes.... and maybe it's me... but this was a nay for me....

Eve and her friend Teresa makes me think I'm reading about two spoiled selfish teenagers instead of adults.

Eve, the lead female character, I thought I like her at the start, but that changed so early in the story... too whiney and immature... she annoys the hell out of me. Do not like her at all.

Gabe was alright but I couldn't relate more with him.. despite this being written under both Eve and Gabe's POV.

As for the romance part of the story, I mean I get those instant-lust/love thing, but I am just not feeling it here. The sex part was okay I guess, I'm not sure, I'll just leave it there. Lol.

The biker aspect of the story was so so. I find the story lacking and predictable... even to the end despite the supposedly huge cliffhanger.

So, all in all, what I'm saying is that, this book doesn't do it for me. Sorry.

Am I going to read the next book? Not sure... I'm leaning more on NO, for now...