Lovely Vicious

Lovely Vicious - Sara Wolf Writing is a 5 Stars....
The Characters :
Jack : 3.5 Stars
Isis : 3 Stars
Storyline : 3.5 Stars

Isis is 17, she was only 15 when she fell in love, got her heart broken, humiliated to the point of a shattered self esteem that she never got over... and she's counts every day to that day her heart was shattered. I for one think this girl needs help. She is just way too young to be too cynical and bitter. It doesn't help that she's got no one to talk to, so I guess her therapy is "Let's get Jack!"

Jack, is hot and popular and all the girls in their school wants him. except Isis of course. She hates Jack for his lack of interaction and for being cold and dismissive to his fangirls... So he became her enemy... And she made it her mission to take him down. And I do believe she went too far when she plated drugs on his locker.

While Jack, only really wants to be left alone.... so he fought back in every turn, hoping that it would stop Isis. So the shenanigans begins!

The story revolves around these two trying to up each other! Mostly, it's about Isis scheming to humiliate Jack... and also about her thoughts of insecurity and pain from an ex who called her "fat, ugly and unlovable." 2 years ago and counting. To the end of the book she never really voiced out the complete details on what really happened... I, the reader, am supposed to connect the puzzle with every bits and pieces given I guess for now?

Then, there is also this mystery that surrounds Jack.... and it involves a girl named Sophia... But at least this mystery unravelled at the end. At least something did. Though there are still holes on that story.

All this mischiefs and shenanigans though for me was only cute for a while... it got tiring.... I was getting tired of Isis acting all immature... cause she is a smart girl who can be real responsible... but she puts on a front of immaturity as her defence mechanism from feeling anything.

I ldid like that Jack sees the real Isis... and I liked those civil and honest moments they had, despite Isis being always drunk.

It is a bit harder for me to get into the two main characters... with Isis never letting up and Jack's, well, he is still a mystery to me.

There are other characters that is also involved in the story... Kayla, Wren and Avery. I did feel that there was character growth on Kayla and Wren... but with Avery, she needs to go to jail.

This start of the sequel ended on a cliffy. While yes, the cliffy makes me want to read the next book... but what I'm really hoping or looking forward to is for a more calmer lead female protagonist and to know Jack more.

I want to say this is so YA... it is when it comes to Isis.... but there is also that part about Jack... I would put him on the adult category though. I don't want to do any spoiler so I can't say why. ;)


Precarious - Bella Jewel Here’s what I like… :)

I like that Ash, the lead female protagonist, is a prison guard, she’s passionate about what she does, she’s fierce and she can take down a man double her size. She is not easily scared, she can stand her ground and she doesn’t play coy. Oh and her sex drive?

I have a sex drive wilder than most men; I love it. I am forever wanting to find different ways to do it, often fantasizing about more than one scenario. – Ash

While Beau a.k.a Krypt, is the VP of the Jokers’ Wrath MC. He was apprehended and sent to prison after being accused of killing a man and his family.

This is how Ash met Krypt and her life is about to change… ;)

Krypt knows he was set up by a rival MC lead by Howard… And that Howard paid some prison guards to beat him up to get information. When all the beating got them nowhere, they (the dirty guards) sent him for a transfer to a high security prison, only it was a to be ambushed along the way by Howard’s men… Only problem is, Krypt’s MC beats Howard’s men to it. And Ash, being one of the escorts, is in the middle of it all.

Sounds pretty darn good right?

Krypt is described six feet tall, with hard muscles, dark brown hair… with tattoos and lower lip piercing…. and with stark grey eyes. Or in other words, he is “incredibly handsome”. ;) And when it comes to sex, he likes it rough!

“When I fuck, I like to fuck with a raw ferocity most women can’t handle. I don’t make love. I want you up against a wall, my hands tangled in your hair while my cock is driving in and out of you. My hands won’t be gentle; my cock won’t be gentle; and baby,” he growls, “I won’t be fuckin’ gentle.” – Krypt

And this would be perfect since Ash is into that too! In fact, she likes it even more rough!

Sex was… well, It was hot, except for the head butting and elbow shoving… nope, don’t find that hot… but the rest was intense and hot. Then there was that menage a trois… But I’ll get back to you on that one….

Now, to what I did not like…. :(

Ash can be too much of a smug…. I get that she’s proud that she can take down men bigger than her but she also just loves challenging them for fun? I mean, come on, obviously those big bad-ass scary bikers did not want to hurt her, right?! I don’t know… I just wasn’t buying into her karate kid moves, lol. I thought it just way over the top. Or a part of the story that I can do without.

Then just when I thought she was smart, she goes all effing confused and starts acting out like a, and I quote, “pathetic child”! Seriously, just when I thought I was liking her, it all went out the window just like that!

As for Krypt… well the poor guy, if he never had someone so eager to take him on on his rough choice of sex… I mean, he did just say this :

“Fuck,” he hisses. “Never had one so eager.”

I thought the club whores loves everything! Maybe he means someone that is not a club whore and one he’s really into. ;)

Then there’s Penny, Krypt’s little angel/ex-girlfriend… whose presence rattles Ash’s cage… Enters more eye rolling here!

Krypt and Ash was getting down and rough, just the way they like it…. when Penny comes knocking and Krypt tells Ash to stop cause he don’t want Penny to hear them because he cares about Penny! Really? And for whatever reason he justified this later, it still was just wrong.

I also wanted more suspense and action on my MC novel… But for what was there though…. I thought it was alright.

Let me go back to the menage a trois…. Mais oui, it was hot! ;) But what wasn’t hot was that I don’t believe she never thought for a second that Santana, the girl she considers her friend and whom she owed a favour she can never repay, did not have feelings for Maddox, the president of the MC! And for her to cross that line with Maddox, was, again, a huge no no.

I did like how the murder case and club war rounds up in the end. I am sad for Whiskey but I think he did good. ❤️

I am a fan of Bella Jewel… I love all her MC books… but for reason’s mentioned above, this one just wasn’t it for me.

This also gives you a glimpse of the upcoming Santana and, I’m guessing, Maddox story. I am definitely interested to read about that…. Maddox seemed like his going to be trouble and I’m curious what Santana’s story is about… ;)

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The Keepers: Archer

The Keepers: Archer - Rae Rivers I was really looking forward to this one.... but it just didn't work for me. :( From the start to end, I could not get myself to like the heroine. I find her character way too annoying! And I'm sorry, the story itself was very disappointing. Halfway through I wanted to stop torturing myself and just give it up.

Sienna, the heroine, is a Beckham witch, which means she is a very powerful witch.... She got three protectors, or her guardian, known as the Keepers, which consist of Archer, Declan and Ethan, or the Bennett brothers. Because of something tragic that happened two years ago, she ran and left that life behind. But life has a way of catching up on her or evil has a way of finding her. And Archer comes to the rescue.

Archer is a warrior, one of Sienna's Keeper and he is a water elemental, meaning he can manipulate the water... As a Keeper, he will protect Sienna will his life. But he is more than her Keeper... he is her friend, family and more, attraction/in-love more. But it is forbidden for a Keeper and a Beckham witch to have a relationship.

So anyway, now that her enemy has found her, Archer and his brothers brought her back so they could protect her. Now this is where their story begins.

First, Sienna does not make it easy for her Keepers to protect her. She lies or omits to tell the truth on a situation that she could have given her protectors a heads up to avoid getting hurt or killed. Then every time something bad happens, she goes on guilt trip.. thinking it is all her fault. By making it harder for her guardian's to protect her, I say "yes it is!" And this is how she explains herself :

“Don’t treat me like I’m an overprotective big brother, Sienna. You put all our lives at risk by not telling us that you met with Warrick.”
“He caught me off guard, Declan.”
“Yeah, well a little whisper, a scream, a sign – anything – would’ve been nice to warn us that Warrick is back in town and brushing toes with our witch right under our damn nose.”
“Don’t be snarky, Declan.”
“Oh, I’ve earned several hits of snarky,” he snapped. “You lied to us tonight and almost got us killed in the process.”
“That’s not fair.”
“You shouldn’t have lied, Sienna!”
“I didn’t lie.”
“Lie. Omission. Same bloody thing.”
“I was not about to let you go all crazy on him in the middle of Lora’s store, Declan. There were people around.”
“You should’ve told us!” he roared.
“Don’t yell at me!” she shouted back and then lowered her voice. “He surprised me. I needed time to process our conversation before I told you.”
“Yeah? An evil warlock’s back in town. What the hell’s there to process?”

Yes Sienna, WTH is there to process? And shows how much faith she has on her Keepers does it? This is where I almost "DNF" this book.

Guilt played a big part on Sienna's character and let's just say, it kinda gets old.....

I keep trying to remember how old she was, hell, how old they all were... for the life of me, I can't remember it was ever mentioned. So, maybe I thought they were young adults, well mostly on Sienna case cause she acts like one... But they're are not! YA I mean. Well, I didn't think so specially with the intimate scenes between Archer and Sienna.

There were scenes that I'd expect something magical to happen, like when Sienna channelled her power, but there wasn't really nothing special to it except her burning up and draining herself while concentrating. Then another scene where Archer described as :

They looked incredible together, a force to be reckoned with. So in control, so focused, so connected and the power that emanated off them was breathtaking.

So, I read that scene over again, looking for that part that he saw, and all I see was Sienna and Rose standing in the center of the pentagram, holding each others wrist, with their eye's closed. WTH! I guess I, as a reader, will just have to believe that they looked incredible together, LOL.

There's more of this btw, more of you to just imagine what happened, in other words, it lacks details.

And word!!!! There's a lot of Sienna going "I'm a Beckham witch, be afraid... be very afraid" (Those are my words by the way, you will not find those in the book, LOL, but I hope you get the drift).. What I'm trying to say is, there are more threats, words thrown, than action or a real show of power. Well, not till the peak of the story... and it wasn't quite an "omg" moment for me, but just alright.

I was hoping the romance will make up for what was lacking... but even that didn't really do it for me. I love that they had a history together and there's that forbidden thing going and them fighting the odds. But....

I'll just quote and borrow Sienna and Archer's words in the end :

“What just happened?”
He glanced at the dagger and the scroll, and gave a brief shrug of the shoulders. “I wish I knew.”

Is exactly how I feel, LOL...

Would I want to read the sequel... I think I'll pass. The story has it's moments, but it just wasn't for me.

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Magic Breaks

Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews 10 STUNNING STARS!

You know those kind of book that you just can't wait for it to finish? Well, this isn't one of them! I just want the story to continue and never end cause it was really stunningly good!!!

Another action packed, full of thrills and surprises and intense emotions!

Amazingly written! An explicitly narrated action scene that was just mind blowing! It's like I'm in the centre of it all, watching every moves, every details... cheering for Kate to fight and never give up! Then, there are scenes that somehow I knew was coming, and my heart beats real fast, dreading and hoping... then the story takes me even way beyond my expectations! I say wow! Not to mention those mystifying and powerful scenes that still plays in my head even long after reading.

Kate's character never bend or falter. She lives to fight, still lust for blood, but she is full of love! She will fight and even sacrifice herself if it will protect everyone she cares for. She is a powerful and an amazing fighter but there is that vulnerability in her that makes me just wanna give her a hug and wish everyone would give her a break, lol.

Curran was also again amazing! Perfect perfect alpha! His love and need for Kate is just intense, and vice versa.

I leaned over to him and kissed him. I kissed him, trying to tell him all of the things I couldn’t put into words. I tried to tell him that I loved him, that he meant everything to me, and that I would fight for him. Nobody would take him away from me, because if they tried, I would carve a path right through them. He kissed me back, and tasting him was heaven. He was right here, alive, warm, and mine—but only until tomorrow. I held on to him. I’d just gotten him back. I couldn’t lose him. Not now.
“I love you,” I told him.
“I love you, too.”.

In this sequel, Kate continues to deal with the affairs of the pack while still struggling to keep her investigative business afloat. Then one of the Masters of the Dead was found murdered and apparently at a hand of a shapeshifter, Kate must find the killer within twenty four hours... and stop a war that could kill everyone she cares for.

The book started with Barabas's journal, giving you a thorough chronicle of the previous events, from the beginning to the present. I really loved that!

Then there are the supporting characters that is a huge part of the series. I love all of them... Even Desandra and Christopher surprised me in this sequel. Together they form a tight dysfunctional family.

Not to forget the humour....

“Hey, Kate? Have you thought of walking up to Hugh and telling him that he’s got the biggest dick ever?” She spread her arms to the size of a baseball bat.
“No, you think it would work?” I asked.
“It’s worth a try. Maybe he’ll be so happy you noticed his pork sword, he’ll forget all about trying to kill us.”
Pork sword. Kill me now. “I’ll think about it.”
Ascanio began patting his clothes.
“What?” Derek growled.
“Looking for something to take notes with.”

I really didn't want the story to stop... I'm on what they call "book hangover". ;) HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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The Captive Series Bundle (Books 1-4)

The Captive Series Bundle (Books 1-4) - Erica Stevens 3.5 Stars!

Well for the first sequel of the book, it was really good, I'd give that 4 stars... But moving forward to the 2nd and 3rd part of the sequel, the story dragged on... There was way too much and too long conversations that I really can do without. It made my interest on the story slowly drift off. I needed to get off the boredom! I had to pause reading and divert myself with something interesting....

But even with the in-between reading diversions, I hate to say this, but yeah, I resorted to skimming on some of the pages because it was really just too boring with those tedious conversations! Which isn't really a good thing to do cause then I'd get all confused on the next scene, then I'd had to backtrack. :D

The 4th and final book of Aria and Braith's story, was good. One of those I'd call: "I liked it but not loved it."

I did love the characters though... Aria is brought up a fighter, a rebel agains't the vampire, and she can shoot an arrow and never miss a target... she is fast and she can jump from tree to tree or rooftops, whatever is there for her to go higher with.... And she is also sweet and the part that I appreciate most, despite her tough exterior, she is quite feminine emotionally, since I find she easily tear up. (Not being sexes here ;) ).

Braith, he reminded me of Wrath in Black Dagger Brotherhood... but only cause they are both blind and powerful, and also heir to the thrown, or the King of vamps. ;) But, Wrath is still the best! Not saying I don't love Braith, cause I do. He is too the perfect alpha... and he would do anything and everything to protect Aria.

The world building was interesting.

The supporting cast and characters were alright. I couldn't really say who amongst them stands out the most for me. It could just be cause "they talk too much!" LOL. I like a man with a few words and more action!!!!

I did enjoy the climatic action scenes. Then there was a "supposedly" twist on the story... but because the story felt stretched, I was already guessing what it was and I wasn't far from wrong.

This is a vampire and human love story on a dystopian setting where the vampire rules and humans are mere slaves and food.

I think this series would have been awesome if you cut all unnecessary. That is just my opinion. :D But for only $0.99 cents and I got the complete series bundle, I really can't complain... ;)


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Red Hot Blues

Red Hot Blues - Rachel Dunning 4 Romantic Stars!

I started reading this on a lazy Sunday afternoon and finished just before dinner. It is light and an easy read, with just the right amount of angst... It has the blues, the jazz and a whole lot of country.

The story revolves around these two beautiful people, Ginger and Ace.

Ginger or Gin is beautiful with black hair and blue eyes, and with a sexy voluptuous body... though, she thinks she is fat, her big insecurity. Because you see, growing up she was always a little round and when she hits puberty, she just swelled out. And at the age of 17, she fell in love with the most wanted guy in school... then he broke her heart and walked away... bringing with him her confidence. So now, she prefers to be alone, avoiding all heartbreak, hiding behind her music. That is, until Ace came along.


I like Gin... despite her insecurity, she is happy, though a bit lonely. And I do picture her with a voice like Adele when she sings (I love Adele btw). Why? Cause her voice is described powerful and beautiful and she also sings Adele's songs. And maybe a bit of Kerry Underwood too, when she does country songs. Did I not forget she's suppose to have a voice of an angel?

Ace's way of dealing and forgetting is to run, from his broken home and loveless childhood... To talking with his fists... and with his smoking electric guitar, trying to keep the memories from hemorrhaging inside his mind. All he really wanted was to feel "peace". And Gin brought peace in his life.


My heart easily goes out to him. He is not one of those who are broken and starts acting like an ass. No, in fact, he is sensitive and honest... And when he showed his emotions, I thought it was beautiful.

Ace's story was a lot harder to take in what with his despicable father... How he would do anything to protect his sister and his mother against his father.

Then there's that special and tender way he is with Gin, showing her in more ways how sexy and beautiful she is to him. Needless to say, the sex were steamy and sweet.


There are those wonderfully written sigh worthy, magical moments... like their first kiss...

In my moment of doubt, my moment of wonder, time stops. The moment lasts forever. My hands on her upper arms, her hands on the railing. Both of us holding on, holding on to something. Too afraid to let go. Too afraid to take the next step. Me, because I don’t trust myself with her. Her, for reasons I don’t yet know.

But then she makes the next move.

She makes the move.

And I’m floored. Completely floored. But I’ll be damned if I don’t make the second one.

She turned, one moment to the next, and before I knew it, she had her left hand on my neck, yanking me down with all her strength.

When her lips met mine, my whole world exploded.

And everything changed inside me.


Their story is quite sincere... it is beautiful and heartwarming.

This is written in dual POV, both telling their story about their past and present.

I like how the author showcased Nashville... I felt like I went on tour for a bit and it sounds wonderful.

I did not expect the added suspense towards the end. That definitely got my heart pumping.

And the ending, I thought it was perfect.

Don't forget the music. Music played a huge part in their story. And I loved the lyrics, specially Red, Hot and Blues.... ;)

Beautifully written.

I would like to thank [a:Rachel Dunning|7211299|Rachel Dunning|] for giving us a copy of this book.

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Point of No Return

Point of No Return - Tiffany Snow 3.5 Stars!

If I were to rate this based on the writing, on how the story pushed all sorts of emotions, and on the suspense part, I'd say 5 Stars!! My rating above though is based on how much I enjoyed this final part of this series.

I did enjoy this, BUT at the same time I find some parts a bit redundant and extreme. Which part? The part where someone wants to kill Kathleen over and over! And lets add the love triangle angle, even when it was finally resolved... yet Blane's feeling towards Kathleen was again being exploited... And because of that, I almost ended up not liking Kathleen and Kade. And I don't want that.

I really was not liking the start of this book. I didn't get it. All the characters was disappointing to start with... , but then they were somehow restored.

And while I am happy for Kade and Kathleen, I really am heartbroken for Blane. But I guess there is no way around that or is there?

And I don't even get Branna's sudden entrance. It felt like," let's make Blane happy, bring back Branna!" Doesn't help that I just could not like her! I feel sorry for her, but still don't like her.

But like I said, I am happy for Kade and Kathleen and I enjoyed reading their happy moments. It was sweet, hot and very romantic.

I love the humour... highlighting the fact that it's hard not to like Kathleen's character cause she is really sweet and adorable.

I love Kathleen and Kade's ending... not so much on the Blane's ending. At the end of the book, I have this quite confused feeling.. not saying the ending was confusing... cause it was good in it's own way.

Out of Turn

Out of Turn - Tiffany Snow 4 Exhausting Stars!

This love triangle going on between the brothers and Kathleen is exhausting!!!! Just share her already! LOL... There was that closet scene that I'm like, "oh okay, they're going to share now".. which seriously would have been soooo HOT! But of course, they had to still fight for her!

So yeah, this "who gets the girl thing" has just got to end! It's driving me insane!!! I love both brothers. I could say I'm team Kade, but doesn't mean I am not team Blane still.... cause they are both such good men!

How is it that everyone that surrounds them is out to kill Kathleen!!! OMG, however is this girl still walking with everything she's been through! Grazed by a gun, run over by a car, punched, kicked, cut by a knife, and more!!! How is she even still functioning like nothing happened? I would need therapy after all that! Add to that her battle of feelings towards the brothers!

I seriously need to stop reading this series cause my heart can't take no more! But since this series has me hooked like a fish, I couldn't stop reading! The author certainly knows how to push all emotions to the edge!

I couldn't even not like Kathleen! Her character is well defined, all sweet, innocent, honest and all heart!

And the suspense never ends!!! Something always comes out and Kathleen is 99% of the time the target! Poor girl! Seriously, how hard is it to kill her? LOL. Sorry, just need to say that. Doesn't mean I want her dead.

In this sequel, Blane is being framed on the murder of his ex... then an old enemy is out of jail and is blaming Kathleen for everything and has hired killers to kill Kathleen..

So okay, in this book, I am not happy with Blane. I may even forgive him re the Kandi, his ex, part... but waiting for 3 months to talk to Kathleen? I say bad call!

While Kade stepped up big time or shined big time here. He gave up his old profession for Kathleen for crying out loud! ;)

When Kathleen is with Kade, she's all playful and happy... and when she's with Blane, it's all intense and heavy. How do you pick one seriously?

Anyway, the story got me on that never ending suspense... The angst regarding the love triangle which, I repeat, is driving me INSANE! It is frustrating! But the bonds between these three lead characters is intense, I don't want anyone of them hurt! But I know one will be.

I would have given this 5 stars again... but it bugs me how these hired assassins or bad people could not kill a semi-helpless girl! And, why almost everyone around Blane would want to kill her! And based on how the last book ended... I was most certain that Blane's character would do go wrong here, so it was no surprise that he did and that Kade's character would excel.... ;)

I am looking forward to the next book or the final chapter of the series!

Turn to Me

Turn to Me - Tiffany A. Snow Dang it... I want both brothers! Lucky girl! :D

Magic Rises

Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews 5 Stunning Stars!

I have nothing but high praises on this series. An urban paranormal fantasy series that is so addictive.. with it's stunning, jaw-dropping action scenes... with mysteries that keeps you wondering and hoping for the best outcome.... and the romance that is breathtakingly intense that made me giddy with happiness, I wanna hug everybody!!! Then there is that well placed and nicely delivered humour that makes this even more perfect!

In this sequel, Kate and Curran will do anything to get their hands on the cure on preventing shapeshifters from going Loup, specially the young. Loup is when the shape shifter could not control their beast and loses their humanity and become insane, so the Pack has no choice but to put them down. So when the Beast Lord, Curran, our hero, Kate's mate, were asked to protect a pregnant shapeshifter in a European Pack and in return will be paid with ten drums of panacea, their much needed cure, they cannot afford to say no despite their suspicions that there was more to it than just the tasks they are hired to do. And of course, they were not wrong!

This was, again, amazing! I do admit that when they go on and on and talk about mythologies and such, and though it is quite fascinating and it also sometimes kinda lost me there... yet it holds the clue on the mystery and I love how they all just fall together.

Kate is such a perfect smart and kick-ass heroine. She lives to fight, in fact, she lust for blood... BUT, she also has a good heart. And I am so happy she found a family with Curran and his Pack.

Curran, the Lord Beast, is all strong and powerful and scary and of course, super hot..... He is the perfect alpha! And he says just the perfect thing. Sigh.


And I cannot get enough of the action scenes... to think this book has non-stop action! It was enthralling, I wanna read those scenes over and over! Kate with her slayer (her sword)... fighting off huge creatures and a lot of big bad shapeshifters! I loved it!


Kate and Curran's relationship were also tested here when Lorelei, daughter of Alaskan Pack's alpha, flirts openly with Curran. I "almost" hated Curran but never for a moment could I picture him going for such vain and stupid little girl... Definitely not on the same level with Kate. ;) Kate can squash her like cockroach, no pun intended... :D

That climatic scene was just STUNNING! Even when the tide has calmed and then again, you're left feeling hopeless... comes yet another beautiful surprise!

I also have this need to mention that this series has an amazing group of characters who create such a wonderful dysfunctional group dynamic who left such great impression in my heart... And when one is badly hurt or to the extent of dying... it never cease to leave me stunned and heartbroken.

Never a dull moment! So full of surprises! A story that is brilliantly written with amazing world building.
I am definitely itching for the next book! I cannot wait!

To all paranormal lovers who loves the action, suspense, the magic and of course, romance... I highly recommend!



Magic Bleeds

Magic Bleeds -  Ilona Andrews 5 Stunning Stars!

holy batshit, this was crazy good! Lots of action and suspense! And the romance? OMG! Alpharephic hotness!!!

On with the suspense. The enemy : it's like "he who shall not be named", but this one is a she and she has 7 warriors, and she controls them, like puppets to cause chaos and kill! They are definitely bad news! And it gets better, the crazy psycho is Kate's aunt!

The action : well, Kate has to take down the 7 warriors, and her crazy aunt... and then there's the Order who are bigots! And doesn't back her up! And then there's the shapeshifter politics she has to deal with.

The romance : Finally!!!! A little bit of Mr. & Mrs. Smith foreplay, but no guns blazing, but a lot of slamming and kicking... Then, chika pow wow, chika pow wow! Hehe you know what I mean. Super hot and intense!!! Made my heart go boom!!!! ;)

And there is humour!!! A superb and beautifully written story always knows when to place a really good humour on the side! :D

Mesmerizing magical scenes, stunning fight scenes and beautiful world building.

A hot and scary bad-ass alpha..... a stunning and kick-ass heroine........ and a family of shapeshifters that grows on you.

I was left breathless at the end of the book, it was that good! Loved it! It really does get better and better and better!!!!

Enough said... moving on!!!! Did I say how much I am addicted and loving this series? I am!!! Big time!!!!

Magic Strikes

Magic Strikes -  Ilona Andrews It only gets better and better! Love this paranormal urban fantasy series, quite addictive. It is action packed, mesmerizing, thrilling and heartwarming.

This 3rd instalment is by far my favourite! Now moving on to the next one!!!!

At Peace

At Peace - Kristen Ashley 4.5 Heartwarming Stars!

I actually loved this more than the first one...

What I love about this series is how the stories are not rushed... it goes on steady flow till it reach that climatic moment and of course, the most perfect ending.

There are similarities here with the first book... Like, where someone is obsessed with the female protagonist and is killing anybody that gets in his way... then there's that part about how she can make a certain specialty dish that she is famous for (within family/friends). ;)

There is still that "one sided type of conversation" where one constantly repeats saying the name of the person that she/he is taking to to but in, but the other just keeps talking, shutting the other person up. BUT, it wasn't too much this time, so it did not annoy me at all like the first book. ;)

I find Violet or Vi very likeable, sweet and she even kick-ass and a good mom... Though she can be so dense sometimes... But it's all good. ;)

While Cal or Joe, now, he is my kind of an asshole alpha male... Him being an ass gave the romance area a lot of angst, which I enjoyed! It only made their story a lot more interesting. But of course, he has reasons for being an ass. And he proved himself or made up for it big time the other half part of the story.

Vi is a widow with two lovely teenage daughters, who are adorable and they add colour to the story. The mother and daughters' bond was beautiful to read.

This is not just a love story, it's a story with substance... of family value and friendship.

Again, I appreciate the fact that, like the first book, despite the threat lurking around the corner, their story does not revolve around it.

What I didn't like here is Mike's part of the story... I like Mike, though it was obvious Vi liked him but not enough, but enough to just string him along, which I did not like... I'm just glad to see that Mike will have his own story too.

Love the romance, the suspense, the action, and the close knit that centred around the two main characters. To rate the writing alone, it's a 10.

Now I am more curious about Benny and Francesca's story which is still further up on the series, ugh.

For You

For You - Kristen Ashley 4 sweet... makes your heart a flutter star ;)

What I wasn't particularly fond of :

Those one sided conversations that seems to be the trend here. You know, where the other just keeps repeating the other person's name while the other one continues talking... I didn't mind it at first... But when almost everyone is just about doing this, well, it felt like there is no distinction to each characters.... :D

The story isn't quite that fast paced but it doesn't drag either. It goes on a steady flow, which I really don't mind.

What I loved most here is that:

I enjoyed the tight community feeling, where everyone knows everyone and got each other's back. Loved it.

I love the romance, Feb and Colt's story, their history which starts from childhood... It was heartening, heartbreaking and at one point, quite stupid if I may say so... it happens when both seems to have a great thing going and an amazing history together yet easily jumps to conclusions instead of communicating... But it somehow made their story.... And the second chances and reconciliations is always the sweetest... not to mention the hot "making up for the lost times" sex! ;)

I love how the author leads you to think of the worst then surprises you with another.

And of course, there's the suspense part of the story that'll keep you on the edge....

But what I loved most was that, despite the huge threat lurking around the corner... the characters, their story and romance went on and did not revolve around that particular theme.

Plus, there's always those beautiful alpha wordage that makes your heart flutter.... And of course, KA always leaves you with the most perfect ending! Loved it!

The Last Kiss Goodbye

The Last Kiss Goodbye - Karen Robards 4.5 GRIPPING STARS!

I actually enjoyed this more than the first one, "[b:The Last Victim|13114564|The Last Victim|Karen Robards||18288467]". I was more caught up on the profiling, and exploring into the mind of a serial killer. Plus, Charlie has managed to control her constant puking on crime scenes.. :D

In this sequel, to sum it up, murder comes knocking on Charlie's door, literally!!! So, with Charlie's life maybe in danger.... she and the FBI team lead by Agent Tony Bartoli, are once again out to stop a serial killer, this time known as "Gingerbread Man."

And on the personal aspect, Charlie is dealing with her feelings towards Michael.... because it is impossible and absolutely not healthy to have a relationship with a ghost!

It's really easy to like Dr. Charlotte “Charlie” Stone. She is sweet, simple, smart and as Michael often describes her, soft hearted.

Charlie is one of the top expert on criminal pathology... But what makes her special is that she can see the spirit or ghosts of the victims. On rare occasion, she is able to even talk to the ghost (which she was able to do on book 1). But, most often, the ghost can't see her... on those cases, she sends Michael to talk to them instead.

Michael Garland is dead and who's spirit or ghost has latched on to Charlie when he died. He is also very hot, sexy and charming that Charlie can't help being attracted to. I know she shouldn't... but even I like Michael. He grows on you. Though he does talk a lot. But he brings the humour and, I think, the heart on the story. I hope Charlie will look into his case next... cause in this book, you will hear more about Michael's story. The only problem is, I need him alive for Charlie!

Then there's Tony or Detective Bartoli who is also interested with Charlie. Though Tony is also hot, he just doesn't have that certain oomph that Michael has. Still, he has more chances with Charlie should Charlie pursue that option cause he is definitely alive and living!

So, okay, romance wise... I loved and hated it.... I really am not a fan of love triangles... and the thing is, I don't even know if there is one and where it is heading... It is frustrating and confusing! And Charlie does have hot sex with Michael... but that can only happen when Charlie's soul travels outside her body... it's the only time she can be in physical contact with Michael!

Anyway, setting aside the romance, there is also the mystery and suspense part of the story where Charlie and the FBI team tries to figure out who the Gingerbread man is! A lot of brutal and disturbing crime scenes... and a more disturbing mindset of the serial killer that is well narrated. Then there's that thrilling climatic ending that was stunning!

The story is constantly moving... loved it! An addictive romantic suspense series with a touch of paranormal.

And talk about that ending! OMG! Where is Michael's story heading! I don't think my heart can wait too long to find out!

And what's up with Agent Lena Kaminsky attitude! She is really getting on my nerves.

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