Keeping Jahleel

Keeping Jahleel - S. Ann Cole 5 TEARJERKER STARS!

These days, I’m hesitant to read follow up’s on romance novels… cause most often, the author tend to change the character that we’ve grown to love.

BUT, I am happy to say that, in this sequel, Ms. Cole stayed true to her characters and only worked on their character growth!!!!!

Now if you’re looking for that perfect main characters, then this book is not for you. But if you want a more challenging and flawed individuals with a challenging and flawed relationship, then I would highly recommend!

I loved this!!!!


I was a little bit irritated in the beginning by Saskia’s needy/insecure attitude towards Jahleel… But it stayed perfectly within her character since she is so utterly in love with JK and she had lost him ones and is afraid of losing him again. But her confidence was slowly building… And she is still that sassy and kick-ass Saskia that I love!

And Jahleel is still that same asshole that I love too! He still have that real tough exterior that I’ve grown to understand. Not a lot of people will get Jahleel, but I definitely dig him! ;) He is hot, intense, tenacious and very passionate!

But while these two are back together, there is still that issue of “trust” considering everything that they’ve been through. Which had me on the edge thinking something bad is bound to happen soon!

And it did! And I was dumbstruck!

To quote Lion, their manager….

“You two are explosive. Tragic. Bad shit happens when you get together.”

So, picture me going….




That surprising and huge twist of the story…. let’s just say, there was a lot of crying in my part. It was torture!

But not to worry, cause they also have the most perfect ending. :D

As for Krissy, I have not read her story, and maybe when I do I would understand her situation with Jahleel more. But still, I wished for Saskia to kick her ass!

There’s one other thing I hoped to have happened in the story though. I had hoped for anyone to beat the shit out of Tex Laklin more. What he did was unforgivable! I bet Chad would!!!

And speaking of Chad, my hot mysterious Russian… I can’t wait to read his story next! I think I’m going to love him more! ;)

This book is hot, intense, edgy, full of angst and romantic! Beautifully written and I am definitely now a huge fan of Ms. S. Ann Cole… ;)

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The Beginning -- A Duet: Ryder & Two Worlds Colliding

The Beginning -- A Duet: Ryder & Two Worlds Colliding - Jani Kay 2.5 Stars

Ruthless People

Ruthless People - J.J. McAvoy 4.5 RUTHLESS STARS

You have me at "Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets the Sopranos... A romantic modern day crime fiction".

This is a story about Melody Giovanni and Liam Callahan. Both comes from rival mafia families, whose marriage has been arranged to merge the two mafia houses, thus ending their decade long turf wars and making them even more powerful.

But Liam thought he is going to marry a simple minded wife who he can easily be controlled... So imagine his surprise to find out that...

Melody is not just beautiful, but lethal, sadistic, bloodthirsty, trigger-happy, and the most feared "Boss" of the Giovanni clan... who would rather die than give someone else the power she has spent her life building.

1 Marriage x 2 Bosses = 3x the Chaos

This is when the Mr. and Mrs. Smith similarity begins.... with the two trying to kill each other without actually killing each other... ;)

Till they both finally evolved and accepted that they should work together instead of killing each other.

Still, the crazies did not stop there!

But now, another powerful mafia group is out gunning for them!

The war between mafias commence!!!

“He pulls a knife,

you pull a gun,

he sends one of yours to the hospital,

you send one of his to the morgue . . .”

~ Al Capone

This is most definitely quite different from my usual reads and I liked it!

When you should decide to read this book, I would advice to try and keep an open mind.... remember these two are ruthless people, thus the title! There is no mobster with a conscience here but heartless criminals whose sole purpose is to be at the top of the business! So, expect a lot of brutal, violent and shocking scenes.

Though there were also moments that they would express their weakness.. which makes them as humanly as you can get.... and the only time I could empathize with the characters.

While Liam can be quite impulsive, impatient and childish... Melody is calm, controlled and emotionless. Obviously she is the brain between these two. But Liam has his moments too. And he brings the humour in the story. ;)

I really tried to understand the why's on Melody's extremely violent reactions when things doesn't go her way or she doesn't like what she hears.... but really, she is one cold crazy bitch! Making it a harder to like her even on her weakest moment.

Then there is that drama within their family.... Bringing a whole group of different characters that I find a little bit more on the normal side.... but with their own interesting story to tell as well.

“The family that mourns together

survives forever.”

~J.J. McAvoy

This is an action-packed thriller with romance and humour on the side.

The ending, though not a cliffy, is more like promise for more trouble to come! Definitely something to look forward to.

I would like to thank Mada, for recommending this book to me.


---- ARC provided by Publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review---

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King - Jamie Begley 5 Hotness Stars!!!

This is a long overdue review... it's Summer and we're finally getting that beautiful weather here in Montreal so I just have to take advantage. ;)


But moving on, I do love anything Jamie Begley!

So how about that, King and Evie?!!! I would have never thought of King and Evie! What a surprise… and happy to say, it worked out perfectly!

We all know who King is and what he does… the most surprising story here is Evie’s. I’ve always liked her, but she was always just one of The Last Rider’s women, though somewhat different. I am really happy that she was given a voice and a story… and to have her happily ever after.

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The Ride

The Ride - Jaci J. 2.5 Stars!

Wingman [Woman]

Wingman [Woman] - Bella Jewel 5 Angst Delight Stars!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed and finished reading this in no time!

The story started out real funny and cute : with Tiani, the female lead, hanging-out in a club with her BFF, Autumn, hoping to get themselves "laid", that was the plan. Just two sexy single ladies on the prowl for hot men. Then Tiani met the brooding "sexy as hell", club owner, Reign. And instead of closing the deal and shagging Reign, she ended playing as his wingman or rather wing woman and helped him land a woman for the night!

I love Tiani, she is really funny, she's got that "one of the guys" kind of vibe... just adorable, honest and the real deal.

Reign is hot, sexy and complicated... He is so blind to start with, I want to knock his head off so many times!

Cause Reign here is still pining for his ex of 7 years, an ex who slept with his assistant and broke his heart! BUT, there is more to that story..... and you have to read to find out. ;)

Moving on with the story, Reign decided to hire Tiani as his wingman, and as his bookkeeper (since she is an accountant who works from home), and to act as his date on occasions he needed one... and lastly, to make his ex, Selena, or as Tiani calls her "Slutena", jealous, with the sole purpose of getting them, Slutena and Reign, back together.

Now, why does a hot, rich guy like Reign need a wingman? Cause he doesn't want to do the work, he wants it easy and I quote;

"I’m not a man that can walk into a bar and melt the panties off someone with conversation. I fuck, it’s that simple." - Reign

Just proving what I said, the man is blind! Cause obviously, he can melt panties without talking. But this is how their story begins. And it works for me! ;)

BUT of course, a story like this is never that simple... specially when Tiani started to have feelings , ah such feelings, towards Reign. It's inevitable! But will she settle as his second best since his ex Slutena still holds his heart???

I loved the friendship that they made together, it kinda reminds me of "3 weeks notice" with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. Only Tiani's story took it a little further... when that boundaries between friendship are crossed!!! Yep, I said it! It's definitely on and it's HOT!!!


And since it's Ms. [a:Bella Jewel|7178194|Bella Jewel|], it is beautifully written. This had me on emotional angst from start to finish. It's funny, romantic and heartwarming. There were moments that my heart broke for Tiani!

And if you are a fan of Ms Jewel, like I am, and have read "The MC Sinner's Series", I'm happy to mention that Spike, Cade and Jackson, of said series, and their old ladies, also played a part in this story! ;) Hot bikers in the house, HEL-LO!!! :D


Then there's Autumn and her mysterious biker.... but that's another story... just something to look forward to... I'm thinking more MC book from Ms. Jewel?! YAY!

This is a standalone novel with just the perfect ending. I LOVED it!!!!

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Inferno - Adriana Noir 5 Brilliant Explosive Perfect Stars!!!

This series is BRILLIANT! The ending was EXPLOSIVE! My heart was pounding so hard!!! It was that good it gave me that book high after reading! And with the most PERFECT ending! Love it!!!

To think I had to wait for Amazon to release Sebby! But it was well worth the wait!

This has been one of my most awaited series since it got me obsessed with Sebby from the beginning of the series.

He is Sebby when he is all good and sweet and hot and heated.... and Sebastian when he is deadly, intense, rigid, controlling and unpredictable.... or in other words, scary! There is nothing soft when it comes to Sebastian! ;) And I love him just the way he is. He was built that way and I wouldn't want to change anything!

So when Sebby goes all weepy and trembling, when all that desperation sets in, I really couldn't care less!!! That is not my Sebby!!! But I'm willing to let that go. ;) I thought it unnecessary.... cause he always has that intensity, the passion and compassion that he kept hidden...


Taylor's character has come a long way! She is though still scared (like I would be), she is also stronger. I love her complete devotion and loyalty to Sebby and I love the fight she's got in her.

What a beautiful ride this was!!!! I thank you Ms. Noir for keeping me on my toes, for never knowing where the story was heading... and for the unpredictable Sebby that I will miss! Well, now that I thought of him, now I just want more.

This book is intense; there is always that never ending threat in the air!!! It's violent, edgy, angsty, shocking and yet romantic, hot and passionate! And how about that surprising turn in the end? Certainly did not expect that!!!!

And there are a whole lot of other interesting characters that you'd either love to hate or love... I most specially love to hate the most evilest villain, Marx!!!

I am grateful for Silvana for BR this with me!!!! Thank you for wickedly telling me to go ahead and panic and eat more chocolate while I kept waiting for my Amazon to release Sebby... then thank you for giving me a heads up when the book became live finally cause then I committed the Sebby crime of forgetting! The horror! And, thank you for all our rantings! Loved it, love you!!! ;)


Too Much

Too Much - Lea Griffith I prefer my BDSM novel with a story.... and this book has lots of those Dom/Sub sex scenes, which is hot (not that I'm an expert on those, lol). But sad to say, the story didn't really take me anywhere... It concentrated more on their huge issue, which is TRUST! Cause the lead characters, Jeremiah Copeland and Daly Edwards, doesn't really trust each other.

The blurb, what with a criminal and a senator's daughter, then add trouble on the side, that really got my attention, made me really want to read this ASAP. Unfortunately, for what seems like a quite interesting blurb, was just that. There was really no action or suspense... in fact, the plot just rounded off in the end... The stories sole focus was just about the relationship issue. But, there was just this bit of angst that kept me going.

I find Daly, the female lead too stubborn that she doesn't really listen but insists on her own reasoning that it can be irritating cause it basically went on like this almost the entire story.

So, all in all, in other words, this book is just not for me.... ;)

Bastian's Storm

Bastian's Storm - Shay Savage 5 HOT Stars!

I have been scared lately on reading follow-up books cause I don’t want to destroy that mind blowing, unforgettable and all sort of awesome impression that that first book made. And Surviving Raine was all that! It was totally amazing! So with fingers crossed, I dove in and hope for the best! And I’m glad I did! Cause, I LOVED it!

This is so wonderfully written I felt all sort of angst from the start to end.

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Forever Consumed

Forever Consumed - Skyla Madi 3.5 Stars!!!

I love this series, so I was really looking forward to reading this conclusion of Seth and Olivia’s story. It is heartwarming to read about them now as married couple .

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The Healing

The Healing - Kassandra Kush And just when I was wondering if Evie will ever get the help she so badly need and if Zeke will finally come to terms with his sister's death, then comes this book "Healing".

I had, at first, serious doubts how they would be able to help each other, but Ms. Kush made it possible in this book, beautifully writing each intricate mindsets and emotions of both Zeke and Evie.

I know this would just be their first huge step and I'm guessing they would still have a long way to go, but what a relief that it's getting somewhere. I love that on this sequel, it concentrated more on the friendship built... and my favourite part, going through "the things they can't change" and help each other change "the things they CAN change".

Finally, since I've started reading this series, I see a light.... It no longer made me sad, or anxious at the end. Though, I am looking forward for a better Evie and Zeke. I keep forgetting how young these two are, since both are forced to mature fast! But when I am though, reminded of their young age, specially in Evie's case, I seriously don't know if Zeke's help would be enough. But... who knows! As long as Evie wants to heal badly, nothing is impossible.

How about that ending! I know it's bound to happen, just never expected Evie to be the first to initiate the move. ;)


Reciprocity - K.I. Lynn 4 Hot Stars!

This has been an emotional, HOT and exciting series! I am gonna miss the dirty mouth Nathan Thorne.

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Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson)

Sixth Grave on the Edge  - Darynda Jones 10 ALL SORT OF AWESOME STARS!!!

I want MORE!!!! What am I suppose to do now? This is insane! I want the next book and the next and the next ASAP!!!

This series is addictive! Be warned!!!! It got me so hooked that it's all I read the whole week!!! I wanted to read something in between, but every time I finished a sequel, I just want to continue! It doesn't really help that besides me loving this so much, the endings are always quite intriguing that makes me scream for the next book!!!! And need I mention it's written sooo amazingly well, I love every single page!!!!

Is it just me or is Charley now able to do her power more without getting provoked? I know she often do them when it's a life and death situation... but in this book, she's definitely learning!!! Yay, go kick-ass Charley!!! But really, with or without power, she is super uber delightful, life with Charley is a hoot! Plus, she does have a lot of empathy, you cannot help but just love her!

Then there is Reyes! He is sooo bad, my kind of PERFECT!!! I LOVE him!!!

And OMG, what a climatic scene, as if it wasn't intense enough, to add such sweet romance in the mix, that was just all sort of awesome!

Not to forget this series is full house of equally fun and interesting characters!

The ending, FRUSTRATING! Did I forget to mention I want the next book and the next and the next ASAP? It is that good!!! Keep it coming Ms. Jones!!!! This series is THE BOMB!!!! Seriously!!!!

Review is also shared and posted here : SLITSREAD

Fifth Grave Past the Light

Fifth Grave Past the Light - Darynda Jones 10 I CAN'T GET ENOUGH STARS!

And it only got better and better!!!! Omg, what an ending!!! Makes me want soooo much more! I cannot get enough of Reyes... he is sooo darn perfect! He really did make up big time to Charley. And all is good with her dad, so everything is perfect. Except I hate it when she's often hurt, wish she'd grow and learn on her power soon... what she was able to do in the ending, well, she should do that often!!!! She is really very very powerful! I love love love it!!!!

Charley is just such a delight, I wish she was my BFF too!!! And Cookie! Even the poor Garrett and Ubie. Such amazing cast of characters. I wish they really would make this into a movie.

And Charley and Reyes could not get any HOTTER! They are so perfect.

Moving on to the next book, which is really making me scared and sad cause I see book 6, no book 7 yet, and this series is really addicting and I really just want to keep reading!!!

Everything is just FA-BU-LOUS!!!

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones AMAZING!!!! All that action and suspense!!! I just loved it when the heroine gets so mad and her superpower comes out!!! OMG! That was one hell of a surprise for sure!!!

Completely hilarious and just full of unexpected surprises! I love the way Ms. Darynda Jones ends each series, it drives me insane! (In a good way ;) ) And I just want to jump on the next book right away! Cause it is really that good!!!

I love how Charley tried to collect her fees from Reyes, how she did the math, she is just sooo much fun... and we know full well that she just wants to check on Reyes.... she stole my heart all the time. While Reyes goes up the top of my best male counterpart.

I am so in love with Charley and Reyes! So perfect and oh so hot!!! Even Charley and Donovan's kiss was hot!!! May I just add how I love that the jealousy part is not taken out of proportion, it all comes out "fun"... cause it's not really worth it, you can tell there is only Charley and Reyes really.

Enough said!!!!


Unbound - Georgia Bell 3.5 Stars!

The story line is very interesting.... it talks about immortals who'll eventually want to die and the only way they could is when they find their Mafte’ach (meaning "the key"), these are mortals who carry genetic material that allows them to die.

Then there is definitely character growth... 18 years old Rachel, our lead character, started off shy and scared (with an OCD symptom that she tries to overcome and seeks help with)... turned brave and spirited. Rachel has always felt that she's being watched and protected by, what she calls, her guardian angel. And this would be Eaden.

Eaden is a 1,500 years old immortal and is tired of living, until Rachel. Eaden is protective and sweet, a bit old fashion.... and is full of surprises as you'd get to know him more further along the story.

Their connection together is quite compelling and refreshing... I can feel their pull and how perfect they are for each other.

There are other characters in this book that I find interesting too... like Amerlyn, who supposedly is Merlin, the magician, and all the other witches introduced.

Now on the BUT side.... I do find the pacing slow. Though I love hearing about a characters background but when it sometimes felt like it goes on and on, I just loose my interest. Then on the peak of the story, I was sorta, kinda, expecting it... so it wasn't that surprising for me... but it is definitely interesting.

It ended with a very promising note. I would certainly want to know what is next for Rachel and Eaden, that is if their story continues.... specially with Rachel's new found gift.

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